Historical Sites of Madinah Munawwarah-A FEW OTHER NOTABLE SITES

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This is situated near Ansar Hospital. As mentioned in Muslim, the Prophet (SAS) and his Companions offered two rakat salat in this Masjid.The Prophet (SAS) made a very long supplication or dua after salat. The Prophet (SAS) said to his Companions,

“I requested three things from Allah (SWT) during this dua. First two are granted and the third one is rejected.

First of all, I requested Allah (SWT) not to destroy my Ummah with famine or draught. Secondly, please do not destroy my Ummah by drowning.

Thirdly, my Ummah be saved from fighting among themselves.”



Imam Bahiqi mentioned in Shaab-ul-Iman narrated by Abdur Rahman bin Auf (RU) as follows:

Abdur Rahman (RU) said,

“I and Prophet Mohammed (SAS) offered two-rakat salat in this masjid. The Prophet made an additional sajda after the salat. The Prophet (SAS) stayed in sajda for extremely long time. I got worried and wondered if he had passed away. With this feeling I started crying quietly. When the Prophet (SAS) raised his head from the long sajda he found me crying. He said, “What is wrong with you?” I expressed my concern. The Prophet (SAS) said to me, “Jibreel (AS) informed me that whoever sends salat and salam (peace and blessings) upon me, Allah (SWT) will send salam and salat upon that person. I made this long sajda to thank Allah (SWT).”


It is just west of Prophet’s Mosque and the Prophet (SAS) used to lead Salat-ul Eid at this place.



It is about One kilometer North of Masjid Quba. Banu Salim used to live there. The Prophet (SAS) led first Salat-ul Juma at this site during his journey from Quba to Madina.


The Prophet (SAS) used to make dua for those buried in the cemetery. One of his dua was as narrated by Abu Hurairah (RU).

“O believers, peace be upon you. God willing we are going to join you soon.”

Members of the family of the Prophet (SAS) buried there are as following:

The Prophets (SAS) daughters, Fatima (RUH), Ruqaiyyah (RUH), Umm Kulsum (RUH) and Zainab (RUH). His son Ibrahim (RU) too.

All wives of the Prophet (SAS) with the exception of Khadija (RUH) and Mymuna (RUH).

The Prophet’s (SAS) uncle Abbas (RU) and his paternal aunts Safia (RUH) and Atika (RUH).

Hassan (RU), Fatima bint Asad (Mother of Ali (RU)).

Aqeel bin Abu Talib (RU) and Abdullah bin Jafar bin Abu Talib (RUH).

Among the Companion are as follows:

Osman bin Mazuen (RU), Osman bin Affan (RU) (third caliph), Khunais bin Hazafa (RU), Saad bin Abi Waqqas (RU), Abu Saeed Khudri (RU), Abdur Rahman bin Auf (RU), Abdullah bin Masood (RU), Asad bin Zurara (RU), Saad bin Muaz (RU) and many thousand others too.

Imam Malik, Imam Nafee, Zain-ul-Abedeen, Jaffar Sadiq and Haleema Saadia are also buried there.

May Allah (SWT) be pleased with all of them.

You can see more details of Janna-tul-Baqee, Saqifa Banu Saedah, and Suffah in my English translation of the Houses of the Companions around the Prophet’s Mosque.

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