Like many other Signs of Allah (SWT),we rarely try to reflect upon the importance of our eyes and ears. Al-Mulk # 23

Say it is He Who has created you, and endowed you with hearing (ears) and seeing (eyes), and hearts. Little thanks you give.

How were these delicate faculties created? What would it be like if we are deprived of these? How we use our eyes and ears? Will there be accountability for their use or misuse? Many other simple but important questions come to mind.

First of all, Allah (SWT) created human being through seven stages as described in Quran centuries ago. Al-Muminun # 12-14

And indeed We created man (Adam) out of an extract of clay (water and earth). Thereafter We made him (the offspring of Adam) as a Nutfah (semen) in a safe lodging (womb of the woman). Then We made the Nutfah into a Clot (a piece of thick coagulated blood), then We made the Clot into a little lump of flesh, then We made out of that little lump of flesh bones, then We clothed the bones with flesh, and then We brought it forth as another creation. So Blessed is Allah, the Best of creators.

The modern scientists have discovered these stages very recently. This development of human embryo takes place in the womb of the mother covered by three veils of darkness. Az-Zummar # 6

He created you (all) from a single person (Adam); then made from him his wife. And He has sent down for you of cattle eight pairs (of the sheep, two, male and female; of the goats, two, male and female; of the oxen, two, male and female; and of the camels, two, male and female). He creates you in the wombs of your mothers: creation after creation in three veils of darkness. Such is Allah your Lord. His is the kingdom. La ilaha illa Huwa (none has the right to be worshipped but He). How then are you turned away?

These covers of darkness are namely the belly of the mother, the womb and the membrane which covers the developing child. Who chooses which of the tiny cells in the growth process  of the embryo should develop into a hearing faculty? Which cells should selectively become an eye of a person? Who makes these decisions and who develops these cells as eyes and ears? How submissive these eyes and ears are to their Creator? In other words, Eyes can not be used for hearing and ears for seeing. Should we not be totally submissive to our Creator who has given us these faculties and freedom and guidance to use these faculties? Al-Insan # 2-3

Verily, We have created man from Nutfah (drops) of mixed semen (sexual discharge of man and woman), in order to try him: so We made him hearer and seer. Verily, We showed him the way, whether he be grateful or ungrateful.

Those who listen to this guidance sincerely say the following to Allah (SWT). Aal- Imran # 193-194

Our Lord! Verily, we have heard the call of one (Muhammad (SAS)) calling to Faith: ‘Believe in your Lord,’ and we have believed. Our Lord! Forgive us our sins and expiate from us our evil deeds, and make us die (in the state of righteousness) along with the pious believers. Our Lord! Grant us what You promised unto us through Your Messengers and disgrace us not on the Day of Resurrection, for You never break (Your) Promise.

Some believers are careless in listening to the guidance. There is no chance for them to benefit from the sublime guidance of Allah (SWT).

Al-Anfal # 20-21

O you who believe! Obey Allah and His Messenger, and turn not away from him (i.e. Messenger Muhammad (SAS)) while you are hearing. And be not like those who say: “We have heard,” but they hear not.

There are, in fact, four levels of hearing and seeing a thing. We must bear in mind that the impressions of seeing and hearing are transmitted to the brain through a delicate and intricate system. Consider a classroom full of students. One student may be hearing the talk of his teacher and also looking at the written instructions with his eyes wide open. His mind is, however, somewhere else. He will not understand anything. Second student may be hearing and seeing but not comprehending the instructions. Third student may be hearing, seeing and comprehending the instructions but not following these instructions of the teacher. Fourth may be hearing, seeing comprehending and following the instructions of his teacher. These different levels of hearing and seeing put the students of the same classroom in different categories.

That’s why Allah (SWT) says, “Don’t act like those who say, ‘We heard it,’ but they heard not”. Hence in order to benefit from Allah’s guidance we must hear His guidance very attentively and with a full  presence of mind.  Qaf  # 37

Verily, therein is indeed a reminder for him who has a heart or gives ear while he is heedful.

Closing eyes and ears to the guidance of Allah (SWT) and not even trying to give yourself a chance to benefit from it, will be very disappointing. Al-Baqarah # 171

And the example of those who disbelieve is as that of him who shouts to those (flock of sheep) that hears nothing but calls and cries. (They are) deaf, dumb and blind. So they do not understand.

And in Al-Araf  # 179 and 182

And surely, We have created many of the jinn and mankind for Hell. They have hearts wherewith they understand not, and they have eyes wherewith they see not, and they have ears wherewith they hear not (the truth). They are like cattle, nay even more astray. They are the heedless ones.

Those who reject Our Ayat (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc.), We shall gradually seize them with punishment in ways they perceive not.

A person deviates from the straight path when his vain desires overpower him. He is so much carried away by his lust that his eyes and ears fail to distinguish between the truth and falsehood. Al-Jathiya  # 23

Have you seen him who takes his own lust (vain desires) as his ilah (god)? And Allah knowing (him as such), left him astray, and sealed his hearing and his heart, and put a cover on his sight. Who then will guide him after Allah? Will you not then remember?

Even for a believer proper use of eyes and ears is very crucial. Any deviation from the guidance of Allah (SWT) will be punished. Al-Isra # 36

And follow not that of which you have no knowledge. Verily! The hearing, and the sight, and the heart, of each of those one will be questioned (by Allah).

In fact these various faculties are like security guards of Allah (SWT) and they will act as witnesses on the day of judgement. Fussilat # 20- 23

Till, when they reach it (Hell-fire), their hearing ( ears) and their eyes, and their skins will testify against them as to what they used to do. And they will say to their skins, “Why do you testify against us?” They will say: “Allah has caused us to speak – He causes all things to speak: and He created you the first time, and to Him you are made to return.” And you have not been hiding yourselves (in the world), lest your ears, and your eyes, and your skins should testify against you; but you thought that Allah knew not much of what you were doing. And that thought of yours which you thought about your Lord, has brought you to destruction; and you have become (this Day) of those utterly lost!

Hence we should use our eyes and ears for nothing but good deeds. We should use these to appreciate the creator who granted these remarkable faculties to us through His Benevolence. That is the least we can do for these free gifts.

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