How Islam Touched Their Hearts?

By: Imtiaz Ahmad, M. Sc., M. Phil (London)


Abdullah (An American Army soldier embraces Islam)

James Abiba (An American teenager finds Islam)

Kathy (An American lady accepts Islam after reading the meanings of the Quran)

Rehana (The Islamic behavior of her Muslim children changes the attitude of her non-Muslim grandparents)

Imam Siraj Wahaj (An American Muslim, a lion of Allah)

Susan (A mother and her children display Islamic character in their daily lives)

Dr. Najat (How a Hindu doctor accepts Islam and offers selfless services to the Muslim community)

Jim (Jim and his Buddhist girlfriend’s journey towards Islam)

Special Introduction

Renda Toshner (A Turkish-American Architect)

Donald Flood (An American English Language Instructor)

Joe Paul Echon (A Filipino Computer Engineer)

My Kids’ Nasheed

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Ibrahim Sulieman (A Nigerian Student of Religion)

Janet Rose (A Canadian Teacher)

Timothy Sesinyi (A business student of Kingdom of Lesotho)

Maryam (How a Church Leader’s Daughter Accepts Islam)

Quranic Verses


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.فهرسة مكتبة الملك فهدالوطنيةأثناء النشر

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