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The visitor of the city of Madina is a very valuable person. Allah (SWT), through His Grand Mercy, has chosen him/her for this visit. Each individual spends lot of time, money and effort to avail this opportunity. Finally, the dream comes true and the visitor finds himself breathing in the spiritual climate of Madina. Performing salat in congregation in the Prophet’s Mosque and recitation of Quran are the main activities. Most of the people also try to visit some places of historical and religious importance. It is observed that these trips have some routine activities. For example, the visitors make dua for the martyrs of the Battle of Uhud and try to offer two rakat salat in masajid at the site of the Battle of Ahzab.

I feel some homework should be done before making a trip to these sites, since basic knowledge of such events will enhance the spirituality of the visit. For example, Allah (SWT) has devoted one full Surah in the Quran, Al-Ahzab, to teach us lessons from the Battle of Ahzab. Lessons to be learnt from the Battle of Uhud are scattered in Surah Al-Imran. The effort of this booklet is to summarize these lessons without going into much detail so that an average reader has the time and desire to benefit from these lessons. I feel that with this homework the visit to these sites will become much more valuable. The readers will appreciate the contribution and sacrifices of their forefathers. The visit will touch their hearts and they will carry these spiritual experiences with them to their homelands with a lasting effect on their lifestyles.

In this booklet you will also come across a few conspiracies, which are very strange and unhumanistic. You will see that a few very cruel people live in all ages. You will also be introduced to some of the former Jewish neighbors of Madina and their strengths and weaknesses. It is very important to learn lessons from the lives of the rightly guided Caliphs since they are guiding light for us. Hence glimpses of their lives or given.

I feel that the history books give so much detail that an average visitor cannot digest all that information. On the other hand, Hajj and Omra guides do not provide the lessons pertaining to these sites and events. This booklet has followed the middle path to enhance the spiritual feeling of the visitors.

Translation of the verses are given from Noble Quran by Dr. Al-Hilali and Dr. Mohammad Mohsin Ali.

I am grateful to brothers Ahmed Bakhtiaruddin, Syed Rahimuddin, Hafeezullad and Mohammad Amir Baig to help me in this project.

I am pleased to meet Muhammad Siddique Sheikh, a young brother from my old school, P.A.F. school Sargotha. Brother Siddique’s help in preparing and distribution of this booklet is highly appreciated. May Allah accept this humble effort from both of us.


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