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Prophet Mohammed (SAS) and his Companion Abu Bakar (RU) migrated from Makkah to Madina. They first arrived in Quba, which lies a few kilometers south of Madina. The Prophet (SAS) stayed there a few days and constructed a masjid known as Masjid Quba. Allah loved this action on the part of the Prophet (SAS) since it was totally based on piety to Allah (SWT) and to please Allah (SWT) At-Taubah #108.

“Verily, the mosque whose foundation was laid from the first day on piety is more worthy that you stand therein. In it are men who love to clean and to purify themselves. And Allah loves those who make themselves clean and pure.”

When the Prophet (SAS) arrived in Madina, he also constructed Masjid Nabawi based on piety to Allah. Hence the above verse applies to Masjid Nabawi as well.

The residents of Quba area were Banu Amr bin Auf tribe. The Prophet (SAS) asked the people of Banu Amr tribe,

“What special activity you do which Allah (SWT) loves and consequently calls you very clean and pure people?” They said, “O dear Prophet, there is nothing special about us except that after the call for nature we not only use the stones for cleaning us but also wash ourselves fully with water.” The Prophet (SAS) said, “Indeed, you received this honor from Allah (SWT) for your this activity. Make it a permanent habit.”

According to a Hadith in Tirmidhi, offering salat in Masjid Quba is like performing an Umra i.e the reward is equivalent to it.

As mentioned in Bukhari, the Prophet (SAS) used to visit Masjid Quba by foot or otherwise once a week. Abdullah bin Omar used to follow this sunnah.

The hypocrites were always busy counter acting the activities of the believers. Qurtabi has given a detailed account of a Christian scholar known as Abu Amer. He met the Prophet (SAS) in Madina and was not satisfied with the principles of Islam. Consequently, he challenged the Prophet (SAS) and said,

“Whoever is a liar among us will die far away from his kith and kin.”

 He also swore to help every enemy of Islam. He joined the enemies of Islam in all the battles up to the Battle of Hunain. Finally he got frustrated and ran away to Syria, which was the center for the Christian activities at that time. He died in Syria far away from his kith and kin.

Abu Amer made a conspiracy against Muslims during his stay in Syria. He requested the king of Roman Empire to invade Madina. He also wrote a letter to the hypocrites of Madina to construct masjid to hatch plots against Muslims. He said,

           “Use this mosque to get united. You should give a helping hand to the Roman emperor during his attack on Madina.”

Hence nine of the hypocrites constructed a masjid very near Quba masjid. They claimed that it was to facilitate praying for the old and sick people and also to reduce the crowding in Quba masjid. They also requested the Prophet (SAS) to offer a salat in this masjid to achieve credibility. The Prophet (SAS) said,

“I am very busy now in making preparations for the Battle of Tabuk. On my return I shall fulfill your wish.” At-Taubah # 107                                          

“And as for those who put up a mosque by way of harm and disbelief and to disunite the believers and as an outpost for those who warred against Allah and His Messenger aforetime, they will indeed swear that their intention is nothing but good. Allah bears witness that they are certainly liars. “

When the Prophet (SAS) returned from the Battle of Tabuk, Allah informed the Prophet (SAS) of the dirty plans of the hypocrites. Hence the Prophet (SAS) sent several Companions to destroy and burn this masjid called masjid Dirar. This event is described in At-Taubah # 108-110 

Never stand you therein.

Is it then he who laid the foundation of his building on piety to Allah and His Good Pleasure better, or he who laid the foundation of his building on the brink of an undetermined precipice ready to crumble down, so that it crumbled to pieces with him into the Fire of Hell. And Allah guides not the people who are the wrong-doers. The building which they built will never cease to be a cause of hypocrisy and doubt in their hearts unless their hearts are cut to pieces. And Allah is All-Knowing, All-Wise

Example of Masjid Darar is like a building constructed on a bank of a river. The piece of this land looks firm although the water flow has made its footing hollow. Such building will collapse soon. The result is destruction and total loss.

Furthermore, note that jealousy is like a fire without flame. The jealousy, doubt and hypocrisy of such sick people will always be increasing due to their frustration in achieving their evil goals. This is an instant punishment from Allah (SWT). Their jealousy will not cease till they die. This shows how unfortunate they are.

We draw the following inferences from this article.

       1.         Masjid Dirar was built to cause split among the Muslim community, to provide refuge and help to the enemies of Islam and to serve as a meeting place to hatch plots against the Muslims.

       2.         Hence if any body builds a mosque with any of above goals, will be a sinful person.

       3.         We should always act with piety and sincerity.

       4.         We should pay special attention to our cleanliness and the cleanliness of the mosque and its surroundings.

       5.         Cleanliness also means to keep us free from sins and poor manners.

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