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I left the Maryland school system as the Chairman of the Mathematics Department and joined the Islamic School of Seattle as the Principal.  Kathy was a secretary there and was very active as a Muslim worker in the community.  She accepted Islam in her own unique way. This is how she narrated her story:

“I was only in elementary school when I went to the public library with my mother.  These libraries do not throw away duplicate or discarded books.  They sell these books for petty coins.  There was a sale of books in the library.  I had a few coins in my pocket, so I bought one book for a nickel or a dime.  I stored it in my room.  The usual life activities continued.  I went from elementary to middle school.  In due course of time I went from middle school to high school.  Finally, I graduated from high school.  I was lucky to join a college.  I studied arts instead of science.  My major was Comparative Religion.  My professor offered very extensive coursework in this area.  The comparative study of Judaism, Christianity and Islam was the major theme.  None of my teachers happened to be Muslims.  I passed all these courses with ease. In this way I accumulated enough credits to graduate from college.”

“As a fresh graduate I started looking for a job.  In this part of the country jobs are few.  It is a miracle for a female graduate of the arts to find a job.  I got exhausted, bored and sat idle at home most of the time.  To minimize my boredom I started looking at various items that I had in my house.  I came across the book, which I had purchased years ago from the library.  It was covered with dust.  I cleaned it and picked it up.  It is human nature to value those items on which you have spent your pocket money, especially as a child.  It was a precious piece of personal property for me.”

“I started reading this book.  It happened to be the Interpretations of the Meanings of the Quran in English.  It was fascinating.  The more I read, the more curious I became about Islam.  It was totally different from what my professors taught me in the university.  Anyhow, the true Islamic values offered by the Quran satisfied my mind and conscience.  I realized that if this is Islam, it is wonderful.  I wanted to become a Muslim.”

“I inquired about how I could become a Muslim.  The process was extremely simple, so I embraced Islam.  All Praise be to Allah. I soon married a young man from Afghanistan.  We both offered our services to the Islamic community and worked hand in hand with the local Muslim leaders.  We never wish to change this way of life.  May Allah accept our efforts.”

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