The past history of a nation is important to teach people its strengths and weaknesses and causes of their successes and failures. The visitors of Makkah are always busy in fulfilling the obligations of Hajj and Umra with their soft hearts. It will be very beneficial if they can have a quick review of some of the historical events, which took place in this sacred land. Very few visitors of Makkah try to buy Islamic history books. Those who buy do not find time to read the big books. I have tried to give a bird’s eye view of some historical events which took place in and around Makkah. I feel it will enhance the spirituality of the visitors..

As an appendix, eighteen topics are discussed in light of Quran and Hadith to serve as Reminders for the People of Understanding in order to provide more enrichment in Islamic education. May Allah SWT make it beneficial for the readers.

I thank brother Akram Ahmad for helping me to put this in the form of a book. May Allah (swt) accept this humble effort from both of us.

Imtiaz Ahmad, M. Sc., M. Phil. (London)
Madinah Munawarah,
April 2006

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