With reawakening of the Muslims from the deep slumber of unawareness of their hereditary Islamic Values, tides of resurgence are inciting them to acquaint themselves with the Islamic Etiquette. To quench their thirst of inquisition, this presentation, which covers a wide range of subjects, is a modest endeavor to fulfil their demand. It is an earnest attempt to condense maximum matter enriched with the Quranic injunctions, Hadith and a few touches of “Fiqa”, Islamic jurisprudence, in an easy language and to make the intricate issues to reconcile with simplest possible diction.

I have gone through the elightening research and material brought on the record by Mr. Imtiaz Ahmad. I think, invitation to Islam is incumbent upon all those who have known it, and have enjoyed its taste and have been guided through its guidance. In fact it is a great responsibility and trust (of Allah) over (the shoulders of) all those who know Islam, to preach it to mankind and invite them to it in a language which they speak and understand. Indeed, Mr. Imtiaz has well-done this duty.

This amazing book contains directions for national survival and it covers every aspect of national life. The language used in this book is non-Biblical, simple and spoken English.

Mr. Imtiaz Ahmad – as I know him – God gifted him with precision of intellect, fairness of outlook, incorruptible character and a strong charming personality. Allah has given him the eye gifted with vision and the craze for His love in his head.

I earnestly pray to Allah Almighty to bless more strength, light and vision to Mr. Imtiaz so that he may be able to succeed in his service to Islam.

Dr. Samar Mubarakmand

Atomic Energy Commission

Islamabad, Pakistan

27th October 1999


The printing mistakes of first edition are removed. I am specially grateful to my school fellow Lt. Gen. (R) G. M. Malik for reviewing this book.

Imtiaz Ahmad

Madina Munawwara

Jan 1, 2000


I am very grateful to Dr. V. Abdur Rahim, Director Translation Center, King Fahd Quran Printing Complex Madina Munawwara and Dr. Asghar Ali Shaikh, Professor Faculty of Education, King Abdul Aziz University, Madina Munawwara for reviewing this book and for making a very valuable contribution.

Sept. 26, 2000

Imtiaz Ahmad

Jan 1, 2000

P.O.Box: 2079

Madina Munawwara

Saudi Arabia

E-mail: mezaan22@hotmail.com

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