My twenty six year stay in America was very fruitful by Allah’s Mercy although I went through some ups and downs. Allah (SWT) guided me closer and closer to the path which pleases Him. Al-Ahzab # 43

Allah and his Angels send blessings on believers so that He may bring believers out of all forms of darkness into light. He is extremely merciful to the believers.

Allah (SWT) not only sent books for our guidance from time to time but He also, sent His messengers to carry out this work. Hence the company of good people is very essential in order to improve Islamic practices. In my case the credit goes to many young men who were, in many cases, half my age. They trained and encouraged me year after year. I admit boldly that I was like many other American immigrants, a better practicing Muslim in America than in my native country.

These young brothers trained me and also expected me to carry the torch forward.

My first Juma Khutba was a tremendous experience for me. Preparing a Juma khutba is one thing and delivering it is another thing altogether. This kind of volunteer work is done by many in the Western World. Over the years I have prepared and delivered many such addresses with the Grace of Allah (SWT). The purpose of this book is manifold.

1.       Many of these volunteers do not find enough time to prepare a brief but comprehensive address because of their family and job situations. Some of them may like to use this book.

2.       Many volunteers give Dawah to prisoners. It usually requires long distance travel and lot of time and patience with these residents of prisons. Some of these inmates are very intelligent and they ask for Islamic literature after accepting Islam. The various topics of the articles of this book may serve their need.

3.       It is always better to give Friday address strictly following the Quran and Hadith. In this way it is not only effective but also does not create waves among Muslims of different schools of thought. Hence very little, if any, is described in this book by my personal judgement or thinking.

4.       I observed that the Islamic educational background of secondary and higher secondary students is pretty good in many Middle Eastern countries. Their English language skills are, however, limited. These students can use this book as enrichment material. It is very critical for them to have better English skills in order to be successful in both local and overseas universities. Islamic speeches may be the most appropriate for enhancement of their English skills.

5.       Muslim teenagers in the western world are generally very intelligent and good hearted. They are craving for some easy readable Islamic material on suitable topics in the English language. It is earnestly hoped that this book will serve their needs.

6.       Similarly, English speaking new Muslims also have a need for such material as our lovely teenagers. They will find it helpful as well.

7.       School and college students of institutions using English as a medium of instruction in any country will find this book equally beneficial.

8.       It is more effective to talk about one specific topic in each Juma address. This book follows this thinking strictly.

Benefit is derived from many authentic resources. I am especially thankful to the authors of the following four books.

Tafseer by Ibn-e-Kathir.

Maarif-ul-Quran by Mufti Mohammed Shafi.

The Noble Quran in English language by Drs.Al-Hilali and M.Muhsin Khan.

English Translation of Quran by Picktal.

May Allah accept this effort since He Alone knows the true intention of a person.

May Allah reward Saadat Ali Chughtai, Dr. Abdul Hameed Abdul Jabbar, Hafeezullah, Mazhar-ul-Haq, Ajmal Khan,Umm Yahya,Zeba Shabbir and Mohammad Amir Baig for their great help in putting it together in the form of a book.

Finally, I dedicate it to my wife, Dr. Sophia Ahmad, who sponsored me in this Islamic work.

Imtiaz Ahmad

Madina Munawara

August 2, 1999

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